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2000/1700 Watts


Offers three settings integrated into one simple-to-use dial.


With fully enclosed case.


Automatically adjusts engine speed, reducing fuel consumption and sound levels.



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Powermate Portable Generators

The Portable Solution for All Your Camping and Recreational Needs


The Powermate PM2000i portable inverter generator provides ample power for a variety of outdoor settings and festivities. The PM2000i provides clean, stable power to sensitive electronics, tools and appliances for optimal operation. The built-in POWERDIAL™ integrates the Off/Run/Cold Start settings into one simple-to-use dial, while LED indicators alert users when the unit is low on oil, overloaded or ready for use. Integrated RPM+ technology automatically adjusts engine RPM based on load demand to reduce sound emissions and conserve fuel. The PM2000i is compact and lightweight for easy storage and convenient transportation. Best of all, the unit’s fully-enclosed design allows PM2000i models to operate quietly, leaving neighbors and surrounding wildlife undisturbed.

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